A thought piece in Digiday recently decried the number of social media experts, claiming that we need fewer of them. As the author points out, just about everyone with a Facebook or Twitter account believes that they have the answer to social media. All of these "experts" have their own ideas on how, when and why to use social media to market a product or service.

So caveat emptor when looking for a "Social Media Ninja" to magically solve your marketing challenges. Too many experts mean that there are too many people who donít know what they are talking about. We donít dispute that there are genuine experts in social media, as there are in any field. However, when every kind of agency claims expertise on the subject, you know that some just canít have the knowledge they claim.

The fabric of social media is constantly being re-woven. This means that one strategy that worked last year may not be effective this year. While targeting Twitter may help one company, it may be that Facebook is the best outlet to use for another. And integrating social with other media often yields the best results.

Ultimately, as we have opined since the start of the social media craze, this is simply one more tool in a marketerís toolbox. The ability to discern a coherent strategy that includes social media and more traditional media, in the correct proportion, for each particular project is critical to success. As the author of the post points out, implementation and execution are really the tricky parts.