In today’s shifting business world, companies sometimes find themselves having to re-brand themselves, letting the market get to know them in a different way than they are currently perceived. A blog post in PRWeek a while ago discussed the re-branding efforts of Comcast after it acquired NBC Universal. In order for this to be a successful campaign, speed was not the most important factor.

It was of paramount importance that the influencers – for example media, investors, and industry colleagues – understood the transformation and all of the ramifications. Equally important was the internal brand message – the employees needed to know what the new company stood for.

To management’s credit, they took the time to talk to their constituents to find out what this new company meant to them. By listening, the new brand attributes emerged and the brand story developed. Then the company could focus on design, strategy and execution.

Taking the time to really understand the brand value from all angles, the company was able to craft and execute a strategy that has successfully begun the transformation of the brand. As the author of the post asserts, this story is not over. Just as it takes time to create an effective strategy, it will take time, effort and continual messaging to completely affect that desired change of the public’s perception.