According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans’ confidence in newspapers continues to erode, with fewer than one in four being confident in these news sources. As recently as 1979, over half of Americans (51 percent) had "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers, and today that figure has dropped to 23 percent.


Big data is becoming big business. More venture capital (VC) funding is flowing to big data startups than ever, and the news cycle seems to include a big data component almost daily. According to a recent blog post in the Harvard Business Review, business managers need to become more familiar with data and quantitative analysis, and have the ability to communicate just what those numbers mean.


When searching on the Web, how can you be sure that you are getting organic results, and not paid content or simply an ad? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the same question, and has recently told search engines to more clearly label advertising in their search results, noting a decline in compliance in recent years. According to a recent post in the New York Times, search engine companies have been told that they should more clearly distinguish between advertising, paid content, and the results of a search.


In today’s shifting business world, companies sometimes find themselves having to re-brand themselves, letting the market get to know them in a different way than they are currently perceived. A blog post in PRWeek a while ago discussed the re-branding efforts of Comcast after it acquired NBC Universal. In order for this to be a successful campaign, speed was not the most important factor.

Tech and the City

On June 26th, Trylon SMR and NYC Convergence hosted an event at TechSpace NYC featuring the authors of "Tech and the City" and explored the startup scene with entrepreneurs and investors, discussing issues such as navigating the NYC tech scene, where to raise capital and resources available. The authors hope that Italy can copy several of the innovations that are driving New York's vibrant startup community.


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