Would you believe that news consumers in the U.S. spend 92 percent of their time getting their news from legacy platforms such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines? Thatís the conclusion reached by a new report from McKinsey and Company, according to a blog post at Poynter.org.

While digital devices get about half of our total media time today, we spend more time poring over print news articles, while we get our short snippets from digital sources. The next time you are in your local coffee shop, look around. You might notice that the people on tablets, netbooks and smartphones are in constant motion, clicking and typing. People who are reading the newspaper or a magazine seem to be more sedate, taking their time to savor the content.

This is good news for the traditional media formats that have all but been declared dead. Itís also important for marketing executives to understand. While a digital reader might see the headline and glance through a story on your company, someone who takes the time to read the whole story and give it some thought and context might be a more engaged consumer.

Developing a media strategy that engages your audience through multiple channels, including traditional and digital media, can both expand your reach and increase your probability of success.