A recent article in Ad Age suggests that today's quest for real-time super-quick service may actually be doing more harm than good when it comes to advertising and marketing. Agencies feel the pressure of needing to be perceived as cutting edge and technologically adept. The fear is that marketers are being outpaced by consumers, and that they need to pick up that pace. As the article asks: But at what cost?

Fast doesn’t always mean good. Having a quick turnaround or a super-fast campaign doesn’t mean that you are providing the time and effort required for a quality product. Pushing too hard for quick results can reduce the effectiveness of a campaign and in fact backfire.

There is no doubt that technology has enabled everyone to work smarter and faster. What took hours or even days of research to identify potential media contacts for a story pitch can now take seconds. Gathering research for competitive information or media mentions is much faster today, and usually more comprehensive.

Planning and executing a marketing or media relations strategy takes energy, focus and time. Instead of taking a “ready, shoot, aim” approach to reaching your audience, it may make more sense to spend the time to take accurate aim before you fire.