In a case study featured in a recent blog post at, it was interesting to learn why a law firm would consider public relations so important to its business despite the onslaught of digital marketing mania.

The first point made in the post is very important. PR firms are like attorneys in that most concentrate on a specific market niche or industry. This is closely tied to the second point – that good PR firms are not simply press release factories. They know their media contacts – mainstream, digital and social - and thus can contact the ones most likely to want to hear about a new development or story idea that fits their beat.

The author points out that today’s digital marketing world creates unrealistic expectations – that by simply having an Internet presence and social media strategy you can eliminate the need for a comprehensive PR effort. While we would all like to take the easy approach to marketing, it still takes relationships and hard work to get the earned media attention and credibility that can drive real clients to your company.

As the post concludes, a good PR firm that integrates traditional with digital and social media approaches to building a brand is not only relevant, but also critical to a company’s success.