Trylon Communications  - August 2003

Fracture, Part Three:
Credibility in the land of the Yahoos!

Getting your company mentioned in Yahoo! News by putting a press release on PR Newswire or Business Wire should not be your primary PR goal, according to Trylon President Lloyd Trufelman in a recent lecture at Columbia University.

How the media perceives your company will affect how journalists approach it. If they go to your Web site and enter your media archives just to find a bunch of press releases, are they going to be impressed?

Wouldn’t they be more impressed by seeing a story about your company in The Wall Street Journal or your CEO being interviewed on a TV newscast?

Consider that journalists seeking out your media coverage are looking for credibility. They want to know that they aren’t going to get snookered by the latest fad or trend. They want their reputations enhanced by covering your business – not sullied. When they see legitimate reports and press, they feel a comfort level about contacting you.

Editors, journalists, industry analysts and even business partners want to see quality. When just about anyone with a checkbook and an Internet connection can get their headlines posted on a Web portal, it is more important than ever for businesses to land coverage in traditional as well as new media publications.