In a recent InfoWorld post, Robert X. Cringely discussed the proliferation of sponsored content (i.e. online advertorials), in which online publishers offer space to companies to create "articles" of their own to engage prospective buyers. Cringely warns that this could be "the future of media as we know it."


As social media continues to attract marketing executives as a platform for extending the brand and gaining new customers, questions are becoming more frequent. Can social media actually sell product? Can it establish a brand’s reputation? Two recent media posts examine these questions and cast doubt on the true value of social media as a marketing tool.


A recent opinion article in the Wall Street Journal by Edward Kosner, the highly respected former editor of several prominent media properties, examined the current state of news and how it is affecting us. He contrasts the current 24/7 always-on news cycle against the traditional news cycle dominated by newspapers, radio and television news. His question: is today’s news cycle driving us insane? 


According to a recent blog post at Digiday, more content has been created and distributed over the Internet in the last ten years than was produced by traditional media in the past 100 years. Literally billions of pieces of content are being created daily by publishers, bloggers, aggregators, and even by machines! How do publishers decide what content to provide to their readers?

Crisis SMR

Trylon SMR President Lloyd Trufelman recently spoke at a New York Institute of Technology class on crisis communications. Evoking the simple mantra of “tell it all, and tell it fast,” he explains on the archived video stream that nowadays, it is not usually the act that creates the PR problem, but the way in which it is typically handled.




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