A recent blog post at Cision asked just that question, and we believe that it is a relevant one. With so many social media “experts” out there willing to dispense opinions in exchange for hard currency, company executives are finding it difficult to ascertain what is true and what is BS.

The author of the post cited a new book by B.J. Mendelson titled “Social Media is Bullsh*t” and met with Mendelson to get his take on this topic. It turns out that he had tried to employ certain social media tactics provided by “experts” to fund a charity campaign and it came up woefully short. When analyzing the failure, he found that many of these sure-fire tactics were in fact bogus.

The conclusion drawn by Mendelson after careful analysis and research was that many social marketing gurus proclaim that social media is the cure-all – that it’s the complete solution to any marketing challenge. This conclusion coincides with Trylon’s opinion that social media has a place at the marketing table, but it’s only one place among many – it’s not the whole table.

As Mendelson says in his book, it’s not that the tools are bad. They just need to be evaluated and used in conjunction with the other tools at one’s disposal in order to create a holistic, comprehensive marketing or PR campaign.