While it is the job of PR firms to help their clients gain positive public exposure, modern PR practices are consistently being held to higher standards. So what happens when a client wants to gain publicity in a way that can backfire – or worse? A blog post suggests that public relations professionals must have an independent voice and take the risk of raising the ire of the client.

As the blog post asserts, PR is more than simply awareness building – it is true relationship management and that requires two-way communication. This means that a PR firm doing its job will tell management what the public thinks, even when it may not be what management wants to hear.

Taking an independent position and doing what’s best for the client requires risk-taking, as it can potentially cause friction between the client and the PR firm. Ultimately, it is a risk worth taking because true value is being delivered.

The trick is to be that independent voice, and yet offer the solutions and options available to overcome challenges posed by potentially negative feedback from the public. Only by dealing honestly and truthfully with the client can one craft the messages that truly resonate with the target audience.