A recent NY Post story reported on the approach of the late former NYC Mayor Ed Koch towards managing the media in the years before the advent of the 24/7 news cycle. As Trylon SMR President Lloyd Trufelman, a former press aide to Koch, previously told PR Newser, "Koch had an instinctive approach to dealing with reporters - quick response, no nonsense, short, genuine, from the gut quotes that were often colorful. It was just who he was and at least for the bulk of his mayoralty, the press loved it."


There is an old saying in the sales industry that people make the purchasing decision based upon emotion and then rationalize the decision using logic. A recent article published by the Institute for Public Relations, entitled "Public Relations: A Brain-Based Perspective," offers some scientific evidence that PR can be more effective when one takes into account factors that can affect emotions.


An interesting blog post pointed out that one of the Barcelona Principles of PR Measurement stated that measuring outcomes is preferred to measuring media results. In other words, claims of success based upon measuring media mentions and numbers of clips should come second to actual outcomes of a PR campaign. At the end of the day, only outcomes matter.


How do we like to communicate today? Is it face-to-face, by phone, through social media, or is it email? Does who we are talking to affect how we communicate? These are some of the questions posed in a recent Ipsos MediaCT's Motion Picture Group survey of social media users.



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