Surveys are showing that more people are turning to mobile devices to get their news, which is a correlation to our earlier story about how the Web is poised to overtake TV as a main news source. In their 2012 Mobile News Consumption Survey, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute reported that, for news organizations, the Apple iPad and comparable large media tablets appear to be well on their way to becoming a viable alternative to printing presses, televisions and radios.  In the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s State of the News Media 2012, it was reported that record numbers of people are migrating to digital news, and that how they are finding news is changing.

According to the Pew survey, more people are using more than one digital device to get their news. They may be getting some from their phone, some from their tablet and then more from their desktop computer. Interestingly, despite the popularity of social media, most of the survey respondents did not seek news articles and sources recommended by their friends. The most common way they get their news is by going directly to a news organizations site or through a specific news app.

The survey also found that the type of device used to get news has a direct bearing on how they get their news. People who use desktops or laptops are less likely to utilize social media than those using phones and tablets. “Searching” is still a popular way to get news across all media platforms.

The Reynolds Institute study found that more than half of the mobile news consumers that used a large media tablet for their news also subscribed to a printed newspaper or magazine. However, only a third of those who use smartphones for news are print subscribers.

Both studies show that brand awareness plays a large role in where people get their news. The Pew study reported that brand matters on every device, and seemed to matter most to those using a tablet. According to the Reynolds survey, the CNN news app ranked first on both smartphones and tablets, while the New York Times app was in second place in tablets and tied with Fox Cable News on smartphones.