A recent blog post in Digiday discussed the notion that digital is a medium, not a strategy, and that now that we are getting over the wow of digital, it is time to realize that it is just one medium among others. Ultimately, brand strategy transcends media and drives results.

A few years ago, it seemed imperative that every PR and advertising agency had a digital master who understood and manipulated the digital world. Now digital is omnipresent everyone uses it and most of us understand it. Adding digital to a tool chest that serves the strategic mission is much more effective than building a strategy designed around the medium.

Subjugating media to the brand message and business goal will help place a media strategy into perspective. Crafting the story, building the message, and then determining the various media strategies one uses to deliver that message is putting the horse before the cart. Unfortunately, many marketers try to fit the content to the media.

As the author of the post states, it is time to retire the digital jedi. Instead, make sure that your team stays up to speed on whats happening across all media segments, keep the message consistent across media, and maintain a focus on the business strategy.