According to a recent story in the New York Times, one of the main jobs for the President of the United States today is to be a storyteller to the American people. So the success of many of the policies and initiatives that will come from President Obama’s second term in office will be dependent on how well he communicates.


A recent post on GigaOm has touched on a question that continues to echo in journalism circles: are journalists supposed to be arbiters of the truth? And how, in today’s age of the 24/7 news cycle, user-generated content and social media, are journalists to monitor and fact-check the constant stream of news and information?


A recent study from the National Academy of Science provides some insight into our tendency to believe good news while discounting bad news. This might help explain things like market bubbles and consumer confidence. It also might help with your PR strategies.


A recent post in Online Media Daily’s commentary section proposed that digital advertising agencies will eventually disappear. Disruptive media are not new. In fact, the author points out that at one time television was the big disruptor. Did new advertising agencies sprout up that just handled television? Of course not. It was simply added to the media mix. So why the sudden proliferation of digital agencies?

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