An interesting blog post came across our screen recently, and although it was focused on the home and garden industry, we found the point of view compelling. In fact, we sometimes hear "reasons" about not hiring a PR firm coming from marketers, so we thought we would run them down:


How often do you see an intriguing news story that spurs your interest? Maybe it’s a possible cure for cancer or a breakthrough in nano-particle science. You read the story and come away thinking that a huge impact has just been made. In fact, while the information may be based on solid research, there may be more to the story that doesn’t quite jibe with (or possibly refutes) the original premise. That is the basis of an interesting article in The Economist.


We hear about the public’s trust in the press eroding, but according to a recent survey from the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, people still prefer to get their news from professional journalists. While digital platforms and user-generated content continue to make inroads into how people get their news, apparently the filter of a reputable journalist is still important.


A recent post at iMedia Connection questions whether the proliferation of social media agencies is a farce, and whether “specialists” in social media are even necessary. The author points out that when faxes became widespread that there were no “fax agencies.” We agree that social media needs to be part of a larger marketing effort and that the attempt to specialize in such a small niche can backfire.




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