A recent Business Insider blog post talks about why some startups gain traction while others languish. The fact of the matter is that gaining earned media coverage early on is critical to driving growth for startups. When you donít have a big ad budget and itís time to make your brand recognized in the market, nothing beats the power of the press.   


An excellent paper from the Institute for Public Relations outlines how PR professionals can use Web analytics to gain insight into the power of their media mentions, both earned and paid. This analysis goes beyond the traditional analysis of where articles appeared and dives deep into the effect of the media on actual business results.


Is social media doing more than just speeding up the news cycle Ė and instead, actually killing it? Thatís the question asked in a recent post on paidContent.com. The proposition is that with social media, the news business has become so fluid that news cycles are no longer relevant.


How do stories spread across the Web? Why does one storyline dominate the news cycle while another, just as compelling, story falls by the wayside? PR professionals have been trying to figure this out for years, and according to an article in Technology Review, a group in Germany is trying to discover one of the key factors in setting a news trend Ė which Websites lead the field.

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