When a PR crisis breaks out, there are several steps that most companies know should be taken immediately to stem the tide of negative publicity. So why is it that so many CEOs fail at crisis management? That’s a question posed recently in a PRWeek post.  


A recent story in The Economist looks at how lying affects business. You might remember Scott Thompson losing his job at Yahoo! when his educational qualifications came under scrutiny. He is certainly not alone, and many people in business will readily admit to embellishment to get a deal or a job. How does this affect business?


A recent Bizjournal Q&A with Shama Kabani posed an interesting question. With all of the social media tools available, is traditional public relations important? Can Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, replace media relations? As a Trylon SMR subscriber, you probably know what we would say. What did Shama respond?


When you are launching a new tech company, there are certain dos and don’ts. One of the top dos would be to make sure that your technology is flawless. You would probably also want to under-promise and over-deliver. In short, “wow" the crowd with performance and not hyperbole. Fortune magazine recently reported on a new venture launch gone awry. When Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning launched their new project, Airtime, they violated these basic rules – to their great dismay.

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