When it comes to a company's reputation, many times people are betting on the jockey just as much, or more than, the horse. An example of this was highlighted in a recent blog post in TechJournal. Yahoo had suffered blows to its reputation in recent years and attempted to elevate its standing by bringing in Scott Thompson as the new CEO. Initially, the strategy worked.  


A recent blog post by Stijn Debrouwere provides some accurate and unique insights into today's state of journalism, how we got here, and where we are going. We found several points worthy of consideration:


A recent article in Adweek questions whether traditional news media (or "legacy media") are still the most trusted sources of information. Since public trust has become one of the few things that news organizations can still hang their hat on, this is an important question.  


When it comes to getting the word out, apparently nothing beats Twitter. A recent GigaOm article sought to explain how a 24/7 news cycle combined with technology has brought Twitter to the forefront of online news delivery. 

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