While many bemoan the declining numbers faced by the newspaper business, the fact remains that most people still get their news from newspapers, whether in print or digital form. An editorial in Editor and Publisher analyzed some data on how people get their news and came to this conclusion. 

The editorial cited the following from a Pew Center for Excellence in Journalism's study: "The data show that newspapers play a much bigger role in people's lives than many may realize. Newspapers (both the print and online versions, though primarily print) rank first or tie for first as the source people rely on most for 11 of the 16 different kinds of local information asked about - more topics than any other media source." 

In fact, a more recent study by the Center stated that, "local news enthusiasts are substantially more wedded to their local newspapers than others. They are much more likely than others to say that if their local newspaper vanished, it would have a major impact on their ability to get the local information they want." 

Another source, The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, has reported that print newsletters reach more people than online news sites, with 2.3 billion readers opting for print versus the 1.9 million Internet readers. 

When it comes to news, the newspaper, in either print or electronic form, is still a force to be reckoned with.