A recent post on the NJTC TechWire blog discussed the need for companies to integrate social media into their PR strategies - but not to replace traditional media along the way. As long-time Trylon SMR subscribers know, we agree that social media is an effective PR tool, but only one of many effective platforms that can be utilized to implement an effective PR strategy. 

Per the post, there are several factors that make the integration of traditional media and social media work so well. First off, traditional media carries credibility. When your audience sees you appearing in trusted traditional media, you achieve a level of credibility that is yet to be attained by social media. Brands like the NY Times, CNN, ABC, etc. still carry plenty of clout. 

Where does a social media event start? In many cases a social media story originates in a news article or segment on television or in the paper. An influential blogger or Twitter user may see something in the news that catches their attention and once they begin commenting on it, the viral aspect of social media takes over. But the spark came from a traditional media mention. 

Ultimately, your PR strategy should be to deliver a well-crafted, targeted message to your core audience. Spending the time and resources necessary to ensure that every communication conveys your message completely should be paramount. Then focus on how and where this message first appears, and let the media machine take over.