A recent post on the NJTC TechWire blog discussed the need for companies to integrate social media into their PR strategies - but not to replace traditional media along the way. As long-time Trylon SMR subscribers know, we agree that social media is an effective PR tool, but only one of many effective platforms that can be utilized to implement an effective PR strategy. 


We hear about outsourcing constantly, with the majority of the buzz attributed to off-shoring. However, in the journalism world, different forms of outsourcing are taking shape. A recent blog post in GigaOm discussed two of the newer practices, the creation of content farms and robo-journalism. 


A story in Reuters discussed the fact that while Twitter is being used more frequently to create buzz around new media properties, many mainstream media executives find that they are too busy or simply too private to do much tweeting themselves.  


While many bemoan the declining numbers faced by the newspaper business, the fact remains that most people still get their news from newspapers, whether in print or digital form. An editorial in Editor and Publisher analyzed some data on how people get their news and came to this conclusion. 


With current news stories on the CISPA cyber security bill referencing earlier battles over SOPA, a look back at the tech industry’s PR approach to the matter by PR Week, quoting Trylon SMR president Lloyd Trufelman, is once again timely. He stated that the tech sector turned a somewhat spontaneous grassroots media situation on an obscure legislative issue into a mass popular protest, saying “It was sort of like the technology industry threw a red carpet event for copyright legislation today and a lot of people showed up for it.” 

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