The New York Times co-Social Media Editor Liz Heron thinks that her position at the Times is a transitional one, and may not even exist in five years, according to a post at Nieman Journalism Lab. As newsroom practices evolve, integrating social media into daily activities will become more of a team effort.

As she noted, social media is a disruptive influence on the news media today, and is not yet universally embraced. As the media becomes more mainstream and adopted by most journalists, the need for an advocate will subside.

In fact, according to the post, Jim Long of NBC believes that in the future, having a social media editor will make as much sense as having a phone consultant. In other words, the position will be redundant and unnecessary.

The integration of social media into the news cycle is another example of how traditional and digital media is morphing into a universal medium. A balanced approach to the media that includes traditional story pitching, building media relationships with both journalists and bloggers, and building respect and trust with all media members is essential to building a corporate communications strategy today.