Some of us are old enough to remember our parents' lament that television was rotting our brains. Can it really be true that social media has become the addictive trash bin our parents warned us that TV would be? 

A new infographic from Geekosystem is extremely informative and worth looking at. Some of the takeaways: 

  • Our attention span has dropped from twelve minutes to five minutes over the last ten years. Young people have shorter attention spans than the elderly. 

  • While interruptions and distractions have a drastic effect on productivity, mobile and Internet applications are designed to distract. 

  • The average worker checks their email 30-40 times per hour! 

  • People who don't use the Internet display greater problem solving and decision-making brain activity. 

  • Social networking can release the same hormones people usually receive only in face-to-face social interactions. It can become an addictive behavior. 

Our position at Trylon SMR has always been that social media is a marketing and communications tool that should be used judiciously in conjunction with other digital and traditional media. We encourage our readers to not get addicted to social media - whether it's personal or business use!