A recent post on PRDaily, titled "Top 20 Ways Clients Annoy PR Pros," revealed many of the quirks and assumptions clients have that can cause frustration in the PR agency/client dynamic. 

Relationships drive public relations. Sending out blind press releases these days can hurt more than help. Contacting a journalist or blogger you know and pitching a story that fits into their beat and will contain value for their readers is much more effective. No, one doesn't need to have personally met a media representative to know them and effectively pitch a story but it doesn't hurt. That's why PR pros spend so much time at media events and networking functions. 

Beginning a media campaign and then dropping out of sight can destroy your strategy. Media folks run on their own schedule and trying to fit them into a box will backfire. Be prepared to be available to the media any time of the day or night if you want to build credibility and goodwill. When that call comes, make sure you have all of your facts at the ready, so that you come off as professional and competent. 

If you are a control freak, get over it. Journalists are very busy and have dozens of potential stories coming at them at any one time. Pushing them only guarantees a negative reception. Trying to fit them into your time frame will frustrate both parties. Arguments with a journalist are never won. 

Finally, the public relations process is a dance. If you come to the party with your helmet and shoulder pads, you are likely to leave the dance alone and disappointed.