According to a PRSA study released recently, corporate communications is becoming an increasingly vital skill for business leaders. Lack of faith in business and government is placing even the most revered brands at risk, and the need for strong PR strategies is growing. In fact, 93% of the business leaders surveyed in the study believe that PR is just as important as advertising and marketing. 

One of the more interesting facts to come out of the study is the perceived need for CEOs themselves to better understand the role of communications in reputation management and public relations. Almost 100% of the respondents (98%) stated that they thought it important that C-level executives have a basic understanding of fundamental PR skills. 

Nearly all business leaders (98%) believe it will be important in the future for corporations to have senior managers with a working knowledge of building and protecting a company's credibility. And 96 percent say it will also be important for these individuals to have a working knowledge of building and protecting a company's reputation. 

The fact that such an overwhelming majority of business leaders sees the need for stronger communication skills in the C-suite reinforces the notion that public relations is finally receiving the attention it deserves.