According to a PRSA study released recently, corporate communications is becoming an increasingly vital skill for business leaders. Lack of faith in business and government is placing even the most revered brands at risk, and the need for strong PR strategies is growing. In fact, 93% of the business leaders surveyed in the study believe that PR is just as important as advertising and marketing. 


MIT researchers who studied Twitter's early growth suggest that the main source of initial growth was through media attention from traditional channels, and not a viral social media-driven phenomenon. The viral aspect of Twitter emerged as geographically-tied traditional social networks began utilizing the new technology. 


A recent post on PRDaily, titled "Top 20 Ways Clients Annoy PR Pros," revealed many of the quirks and assumptions clients have that can cause frustration in the PR agency/client dynamic.  


Some of us are old enough to remember our parents' lament that television was rotting our brains. Can it really be true that social media has become the addictive trash bin our parents warned us that TV would be?

A new infographic from Geekosystem is extremely informative and worth looking at. Some of the takeaways: 

Making the Grade

The Holmes Report has released its 2011 report card on PR firms nationwide and Trylon SMR has once again received a positive grade.

The report specifically notes how Trylon SMR "has been quick to get out ahead of new media trends, keeping abreast of industry changes and leveraging those changes to better service its clients..."

We appreciate good reviews from analysts such as The Holmes Report, but our greatest satisfaction comes from the results we deliver on behalf of our clients.

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