If there was ever a CEO who embraced the power of PR, it was Steve Jobs. As noted recently in PRWeek, Jobs himself would often pitch editors for coverage in key media outlets like Time. It is hard to place a value on the media attention he brought to Apple, NeXT and Pixar. Unlike many marketing-skeptical tech executives, who often take an "if we build the product, they will come" approach to PR, Jobs understood the value of PR and embraced its right-brained qualitative, approach. 

The article notes that Jobs was actively involved in regular meetings and sessions with Apple's PR team, even going as far as taking on responsibilities for specific tasks. This type of action-oriented strategy was a key to getting him and his company consistent front page attention from leading media outlets around the world. 

Another activity that set him apart from most CEOs was his open access to the press. Instead of erecting barriers to reporters, he would take their calls and respond to their emails to engage them directly. This approach to media relations only enhanced Jobs' relationships with media members and delivered a greater impact on coverage. 

Tech companies looking to boost media coverage and accelerate their business development efforts should take a couple of pages from Jobs' book and get more hands-on with their PR strategies. Building relationships with the media pays dividends - as the success of Apple and Pixar shows.