A recent blog post in PRWeek stated "PR is more vital to an organization's survival than ever before." The theme was that while PR used to take a back seat to advertising, the roles of both are evolving, with PR taking a more prominent role and a higher priority regarding how companies communicate with the public. 

This is a recurring topic in our Trylon SMR newsletter - it was discussed at length in our article about Al Reis' book, The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR, over nine years ago. However, PR is becoming even more important, because as the blog post points out, there is more to PR than there ever has been. 

As corporate communications evolve from a monologue from company to consumer to a dialog between companies, consumers, media and other consumers, the role of PR is crucial. Conversations need to be monitored, influencers identified, and messages distributed through multiple platforms, including traditional and social media. 

Navigating the many areas in which a company may come up in discussion becomes a vital job, and being able to communicate with various stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner is paramount. While advertising has its place in a marketers toolbox, public and media relations is becoming a higher priority and is beginning to gain the status and budget it deserves.