A paper from Cornell University attempts to explain why businesses claim to applaud creativity, but actually may hold a bias against creative ideas, leading to an environment in which innovation and creativity can be stifled. 



It seems intuitive that we would be inclined to make choices based upon how much others may agree with that choice. However, according to a study by HP Labs, we may change a choice not based on the fact that more people agree with us, but that fewer do! 



According to a recent article in the New York Times, television still tops the list for delivering the news for most people. However, it appears that news distribution continues to fragment, as people rely more on websites and social media for their updates.  



A recent blog post in PRWeek stated "PR is more vital to an organization's survival than ever before." The theme was that while PR used to take a back seat to advertising, the roles of both are evolving, with PR taking a more prominent role and a higher priority regarding how companies communicate with the public. 

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