A caution to all marketers looking to enlist bloggers to help their cause - be very careful! A New York Times article describes a scripted promotion designed to encourage positive blogging about a new food product and how it turned terribly wrong. 

It all started when food and mommy bloggers were invited to a special meal event hosted by a famous chef. It was billed as an opportunity to experience a delicious four-course meal while learning about food trends from a food industry analyst. Sounds good, right? 

Instead, the bloggers received a serving of lasagna from Marie Callender's brand of frozen foods. Hidden cameras captured the diners' reactions to the meal. The bloggers weren't amused and immediately began blogging less than enthusiastic posts to their audiences, with one blogger talking about how the event was a sham and another discussing the highly processed and chemical-filled foods. 

As one can imagine, the results led to a scheduled follow-on event being cancelled and the campaign ended with a whimper. Trylon cautioned our readers nine years ago that one had to be careful pitching bloggers, and this is a prime example of how careful one needs to be.