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A recent article in the LA Times illustrates the blurring line between promotion and news. A local water district hired a consultant to write "news" articles promoting the district and posting them to a fictitious news website. Then the promotional stories appeared in news results in Google. People searching for information on the water district would then find a series of upbeat positive articles about the district.

A recent blog post on HabitLabs confronted an interesting question - whether a company should do a "hard launch" or a "soft launch" of their products and services. By hard launch they were talking about trying to get traditional and new media to publish articles on the company, and with a soft launch they were considering leaking information to key bloggers. What would you say? 

A caution to all marketers looking to enlist bloggers to help their cause - be very careful! A New York Times article describes a scripted promotion designed to encourage positive blogging about a new food product and how it turned terribly wrong.  

A recent post in the Atlantic by Bill Davidow examines the dangers of living in an increasingly connected Internet-driven world. He opines that instead of a more transparent and information-rich landscape, the Internet is driving a frenzy of "positive" feedback that may be driving people apart instead of together.