Hip to Be in 
the Square

A recent Wall Street Journal story noted the emergence of New York’s Union Square as the up-and-coming neighborhood for tech companies. So it’s no coincidence that Trylon SMR is located at TechSpace, right in the middle of it all. So feel free to stop by and visit us sometime for a tour of the emerging NYC tech/digital media scene, as well as lots of great, cheap restaurants!


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A new CMO Challenge survey from Kelton Research shows that chief marketing officers are relying more heavily on agencies than ever before to help with critical corporate communication strategies. Today's marketing executive is looking for a collaborative partner, and seem to be finding that with smaller, more dedicated agencies. 

An article that recently ran in Fast Company asked the question: Does Social Media have a return on investment? According to author Farhad Manjoo, brands don't really care at this stage, as they are under pressure to use social media anyway!   

A recent survey asked managing editors of community newspapers how important audience engagement has become in journalism, and the overwhelming answer seems to be that it is becoming increasingly vital - but they aren't sure just how to get it done. 

With news organizations utilizing social media to get onsite accounts of breaking news, a new specter has emerged - how do you verify the information in the race to publish? A recent blog post asks that question in the context of recent erroneous news stories and provides some tips as to how journalists can corroborate breaking social stories.