Trylon Communications  - Volume I Issue 11

Fracture, Part One:
Broadband's Impact on PR

It took almost half a century, but we are getting closer and closer to having those wristwatches that will transmit video, provide instant messaging, and communicate with virtually anyone on the planet. In a recent lecture at Columbia University’s Strategic Communications Program, Trylon CEO Lloyd Trufelman discussed new technologies and the impact they are having on information distribution.

Wi-Fi, SMS, streaming video, weblogs, satellite transmission, and more are taking the information distribution model from the desktop to the laptop to the cell phone to the…that’s right, the wristwatch.

The development of new technologies offers a vast new territory for those in the business of distributing information. How these opportunities are developed and exploited will determine the success companies have on placing themselves in the spotlight.

A little more than a decade ago, we viewed the first battles with Iraq via television. People were glued to their sets as they watched bombing missions and information sessions via satellite transmission.

Today, people don’t even have to wait to get home to receive the same information. As Trufelman demonstrated during his lecture, they could be sitting at a Starbucks or on a park bench, looking at their laptops and viewing streaming images from any of dozens of news sites.

Now confined to wi-fi “hotspots,” wireless Internet access will spread just as rapidly as cell phone areas did, with access through smaller devices becoming more commonplace over the next few years.

Everyone from the phone companies to the cable companies and even the power companies want to supply this access. This scramble for market share will inevitably lead to lower pricing, greater access and more users.

In today’s world, people no longer need to slog through a half-hour news show to find out what the weather will be tomorrow. They can simply log on, grab the forecast in a heartbeat, and move on.

This access to targeted information will become very important to companies wishing to disseminate their news and information. Instead of issuing mass press releases, businesses will need to determine where their audiences access this type of information and how they can get their news in front of those audiences.