According to a recent Accenture study, over 90 percent of the senior executives at media and entertainment companies believe that they are not fully realizing the opportunities offered by today's digital technologies. And that's not all! 

Almost all (95 percent) of the executives in the survey do not believe that they have a strong CRM program in place, and over half think that they are just in the early stages of developing such systems. If these companies want to grow, they are going to need to change the way they do business. 

Less than ten percent of the 130 executives surveyed indicated that their businesses have a fully integrated view of their digital customers. This is somewhat surprising, given that one of the benefits of delivering entertainment over a digital platform is the wealth and depth of data that is generated. 

"Clearly, the industry has lots of work to do to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital distribution of content," said Marco Vernocchi, global managing director of Accenture's Media and Entertainment group. "A clear view of the customer, improved customer relationships and digital rights management are just a few areas that could yield significant results." 

Today's world of multiple screens and always-on entertainment demands that these companies adapt more quickly than they apparently have so far. More importantly, as consumers of digital content are presented with more options for delivery, it is vital that these companies develop and extend their relationships with their audience.