A common and important decision for marketing executives is whether to work with a full service, generalist PR firm or one that specializes in a certain niche or industry. A recent blog post posed that question to several PR executives, and there were some decidedly strong opinions. 

In today's communication universe, as in the past, strategic planning tied to results is a key to success. The number of tactics and methods for achieving these goals, however, has multiplied. While smaller boutique agencies were once considered the "out of the box" thinkers, full service firms must be creative and original to utilize all of the tools available. 

When choosing an agency, each management team must first understand what the end game is. The desired result should have a strong bearing on deciding which route to follow. For example, a global branding campaign may need the services of a large, full service agency with offices around the world. A targeted industry campaign, on the other hand, is better suited to a PR agency with deep relationships in a particular vertical. 

Ultimately, we at Trylon SMR agree with the opinion that an agency that specializes in certain niche industries has the media relationships and industry connections that can help a company reach influential thought leaders and generate targeted earned media coverage in a fast, effective manner.