A recent Ad Age Mediaworks article says that fake news advertising that pretends to be legitimate news is still prevalent, despite efforts by the FTC to crack down on these practices. The attempt to bring credibility to an advertising campaign by faking news coverage seems antithetical to building customer loyalty and brand integrity. 

The article describes how companies may advertise on a news media Website and create landing pages that effectively disguise a blatant and coercive marketing message as "news" by adding in recognized media logos. 

Are the media sites liable for carrying this type of advertising? The jury is out for now, according to the article. However, some media companies like AOL are taking a self-policing stance and winding down any type of advertising that uses these practices on their sites. 

So how can using this type of advertising build brand loyalty? When you look at the type of companies using this ad tactic - work at home scams and suspect weight loss programs - you can see that there is little desire for any result other than a quick sale. 

Building true brand loyalty, customer retention and credibility requires more than slick advertising. Credible news coverage by traditional and digital media trumps advertising any time.