An article in btobonline states that most executives prefer media outlets that are created by professional journalists over user generated sites - a good sign for traditional media. The article was based on a study conducted late last year by Doremus and the Financial Times.

The results provided some insights into media consumption trends by the country's top business decision makers. One of the major themes of the survey was centered on the "trust" issue. While the executives are all digitally savvy, with the great majority of them (70 percent) utilizing smartphones, 82 percent of them preferred to get their information from Websites tied to traditional media brands like newspapers. Only 5 percent preferred sites that originated in the digital world.

The use of online content by executives is extensive and pervasive while they are working. However, many of the respondents still regularly read print newspapers and magazines. This trend is shifting, as can be expected, as demographics change. Executives under 45 years of age preferred online over print. When it comes to breaking news, almost 60 percent of the executives checked their smartphones for updates.

The key message for marketers is that there is no single way to reach this audience. An integrated marketing campaign that reaches out through traditional media as well as digital media will still garner significantly greater results than a single-edged strategy.