Ask a veteran ad executive what he or she thinks of PR and you probably won't be too surprised by the answer. But ask an ad veteran who has moved into the PR space and the answers may be quite a bit different! In a recent PRWeek article, Steve Hardwick reflects on the differences he discovered after joining the PR industry following 25 years in advertising. 

The first difference noted was the scope of work. The variety of audiences, work demands, and the need to dig deep into the clients' business models was greater than he had expected. He notes that there are several areas addressed in PR, from media relations to publicity to public affairs and crisis communications. 

The demands and requirements to successfully handle a PR account are greater than those of advertising it seems. Another difference noted was the variety of messaging platforms available to a PR professional. Noting the need for both traditional and digital media expertise, Steve quickly realized that in the PR business one needed to adapt to change more readily. 

Perhaps his most adept realization is that this business is driven by relationships. Knowing the journalists and bloggers that cover your beat, keeping abreast of changes in industry and government, and being able to engage influential media members is crucial to a PR company's, and their clients', success.