According to a recent Digiday post, the myth that good tech startups do not need PR is just that - a myth. Many startups seem to think that they lose credibility if they sell out to the media. In fact, a strong strategic media plan will help these companies gain credibility by focusing on the right media with the right message. 

And rather than attempting to handle PR by themselves on the side, smart startups will align themselves with a PR professional who can provide advice and help them navigate mainstream, digital and social media, making sure that their message is delivered by the sources that reach their target audiences and reinforce their platform. Simply building the better mousetrap won't get a young company the exposure it needs to build a customer base. 

Strategic media relations build a new company's story and begin to sow the seeds of growing the company's reputation and foundation. Developing relationships with the key reporters and bloggers that hold sway in a particular industry niche are critical to business development. One big tweet does not a launch make! 

Delivering a great product or service with a high level customer experience is one thing. Building a brand through repeated and targeted media exposure is another. Putting both together is priceless.