A recent story from the San Francisco Business Times indicates that the reporting capacity on the West Coast is dwindling. In fact, 45 percent fewer journalists appear to be working now compared to ten years ago. No wonder New York is considered the media capital of the world - which is why Trylon SMR has always been based in the Big Apple. 

The results reflect the decline in local news and broadcast, both nationally and locally. This decline and the strain put on the reporters who remain on staff place more emphasis than ever on targeting a message to the press. 

Many of the former journalists now consider themselves to be "journalism entrepreneurs," which may mean that they are attempting to turn their talents into a paying gig as a blogger or freelance reporter. In any case, this reflection on the trend of newsrooms to shrink creates challenges and opportunities for companies which are trying to get media exposure. 

Creating relationships with journalists and staying in touch is becoming more important as staffs change and positions shift. The reporter that used to work at the Gate may now be a blogger who just happens to spend a lot of time covering your industry. Keeping tabs on the comings and goings in the media world has become a full-time job.