Feed a bunch of data into a software program, turn the dials, and out pops a news story. This sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but as we reported in the past, it's becoming reality. Now NPR reports that a group has taken that approach and actually produced a sports story that was "better" than the initial one written by a human being! 

In this case, a group noticed a sports story that neglected to point out key facts about a baseball game until the end of the story. They assumed that this could be an example of a typical machine-generated story. In fact, it was written by a sportswriter. 

The creators of a news-writing software program then took all of the salient information and statistics on the game in question and fed the data into their engine. The software then spat out a compelling story that used the key points in the headline and the lead, thus putting the human written story to shame. 

When it comes down to it, writing a story requires a grasp of the facts, placing priorities on key elements, and weaving a narrative around those elements. Whether it's a reporter or a robot, getting your key points across to the media is crucial to receiving the type of coverage your company needs.