A recent article in Digiday asserts that PR agencies' use of social media is detrimental to the medium. Instead of relaying news and information through journalists, the article posits, the agencies are instead creating content that is, well, boring.

According to the authors of the article, PR agencies really have very little to say. Agencies may be great at delivering information, but engaging "followers" with creative content is not their forte. Company news, special offers and contests do not make compelling social media messages.

People get engaged when they are presented with compelling content - something that is unexpected or disruptive. This type of message is something that they can get behind, share and retweet. Creating a presence on Facebook or Twitter should be a lower priority than actually building on an existing base, say the authors.

A more successful approach, according to the article, is to grow a fan base by creating a successful social campaign, not re-purposing news into a quasi-story that won't get "legs." PR professionals that focus on multi-media messages through traditional media will see more success, as these news sources will tend to drive social traffic.