Mainstream Media

In a recent post on the popular PR industry blog The Flack, Trylon SMR President Lloyd Trufelman noted that those who rely exclusively on Twitter or Facebook to advance communications goals are fooling themselves, as the most buzz-worthy news stories still originate within mainstream journalism.


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When the initial news of Bin Laden's death broke on Twitter, many people thought that Twitter had supplanted traditional media. But according to a recent TechCrunch post, the microblogging site doesn't replace traditional media so much as it amplifies it.  

A recent article in Digiday asserts that PR agencies' use of social media is detrimental to the medium. Instead of relaying news and information through journalists, the article posits, the agencies are instead creating content that is, well, boring.

Feed a bunch of data into a software program, turn the dials, and out pops a news story. This sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but as we reported in the past, it's becoming reality. Now NPR reports that a group has taken that approach and actually produced a sports story that was "better" than the initial one written by a human being! 

A recent story from the San Francisco Business Times indicates that the reporting capacity on the West Coast is dwindling. In fact, 45 percent fewer journalists appear to be working now compared to ten years ago. No wonder New York is considered the media capital of the world - which is why Trylon SMR has always been based in the Big Apple.