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NY Convergence,  the only online news site exclusively covering local digital media and technology industry developments throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri-State Region, has launched a new, free iPad application. The app offers similar functionality to the full NY Convergence site, with complete access to original and professionally curated digital media technology industry news and media/tech events. Click here to get the download from iTunes.


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A recent study by Yahoo! Research dived into Twitter to get a handle on production flow and consumption of information on the microblogging site. The group made a distinction between "elite" users and "ordinary" users and reported some interesting information.  

A blog post recently raised an interesting question - with all of the information being directly loaded to the Web and available for instant consumption, is there still a role for traditional journalists? The question is asked in the context of the recent spate of news emanating from countries like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The authors respond to this question with a resounding "Yes!" 

Is SEO still viable for startups? Not anymore, according to a recent post by Chris Dixon. While interviewing startups, the author found that very few, if any, companies formed after 2008 have generated traction through search engine optimization, considered one of the driving forces behind the success of companies like Yelp. 

A recent article from the Carnegie Council contains an interview with Evgeny Morozov, the author of a book titled The Net Delusion, and asks if technology and the Internet have helped promote democracy in areas of turmoil, or if they have made things worse? According to Mr. Morozov, we are making mistakes that need to be corrected if technology can be used for good instead of evil.