According to a recent study from the Pew Internet & Life Project, nearly two thirds of U.S. Internet users have paid for some form of online content. While music and software were the most commonly purchased forms of content, other forms of paid media are being downloaded as well.

Mobile applications, digital games, newspapers, magazines, articles, videos, movies and ringtones are all being downloaded in exchange for payment. Approximately one in ten users has bought some form of e-reading device such as a Kindle and has paid for an e-book.

This was the first study conducted by Pew regarding payment for online media, so comparisons to previous periods are not available. The majority of the Internet users pay for subscription services (23percent), versus downloading an individual file (16 percent), or accessing streaming content (8 percent).

"What was really surprising was that the percentage of Internet users purchasing online content is nearly the same as those purchasing other products and services, such as books and travel," noted Jim Jansen, the author of the Pew Internet report. "Additionally, the range of online content that Internet users purchase is quite varied."