Once again, Trylon SMR received a positive evaluation by The Holmes Report. The recently released 2010 PR Agency Report Card observes that Trylon SMR represents the fusion of traditional public relations and new technology with a focus on the convergence of mainstream media with digital channels. 

The report noted our ability to get out ahead of new media trends and leverage the changes taking place in the industry to our clients' advantage. Utilizing new technologies when appropriate but sticking to the fundamentals of developing strong media relationships has helped to set Trylon SMR apart from the competition. 

It also specifically describes our proprietary process of "reverse reporting" - working with reporters, bloggers and producers to develop a storyline according to their needs. By working as a resource for journalists and providing relevant information instead of hype, Trylon has been able to develop the relationships that deliver client results. 

The report also noted that we focus on delivering consistent, targeted media coverage to clients while measuring both the quantity and quality of media coverage generated, and on providing personalized service and rapid response. The fact that we work on a monthly retainer rather than the typical hourly rate program was also noted - a key differentiator between us and our competition. 

While we enjoy receiving positive reviews from our peers, it is the value of the strategic media relations results we deliver to our clients that provide us with true satisfaction.