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NY Convergence (published by Trylon SMR's parent company) now has a free Android app that can be downloaded here. While on the go, smartphone users can now follow the only online news service that exclusively covers the digital media tech industries throughout the NY Tri-State region.


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Once again, Trylon SMR received a positive evaluation by The Holmes Report. The recently released 2010 PR Agency Report Card observes that Trylon SMR represents the fusion of traditional public relations and new technology with a focus on the convergence of mainstream media with digital channels.  

According to a recent study from the Pew Internet & Life Project, nearly two thirds of U.S. Internet users have paid for some form of online content. While music and software were the most commonly purchased forms of content, other forms of paid media are being downloaded as well.  

According to the first-ever survey reading from Pew Research that exclusively examines Twitter users, 8 percent of online adults said they use Twitter, with 2 percent doing so on a typical day. Since the survey showed that about 74 percent of American adults are Internet users, the Twitter universe apparently amounts to 6 percent of the entire U.S. adult population. 

A recent article in Ad Age points out that there is a difference between being popular and driving behavior through influence. Marketers targeting "influentials" need to beware the Twitter and Facebook darlings, as they may not be quite as influential as their numbers may suggest.