Happy New Year!

This year Trylon SMR was retained to coordinate PR for television and Internet feeds for the annual global Times Square New Year's Eve celebration. According to The New York Times, the international audience for the feeds totaled over one billion!


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Luke Johnson, in a Financial Times article entitled, "A Good PR Consultant is Worth the Money," writes about how companies can utilize public relations to promote their business. He points out that while nobody knows the company's story better than the CEO, an outside consultant can often bring a fresh and objective perspective to a PR campaign. 

From BP's Gulf spill to Toyota's safety problems, there were plenty of crises in 2010 that demanded attention and needed the help of PR professionals. A recent Wall Street Journal article argued that companies can make matters worse if they don't handle a crisis correctly at the beginning. 

A recent Newsweek article questioned whether the United States was losing its political gyroscope, becoming polarized and vulnerable to power mongers. With rising rhetoric regarding class envy and haves versus have-nots, the article points fingers of blame at both the right and the left - and the media. 

According to a new consumer survey from Forrester Research, Americans spent as much time on the Internet as they spent watching television. U.S. households spent 13 hours a week for both activities, and younger consumers aged 18 to 34 actually spend more time on the Web than watching the tube.