According to a recent survey, executives who conduct primarily online business don't believe that Facebook and Twitter contribute that much value to the enterprise. While it may be popular with the public and celebrities, many businesspeople believe that these social networks don't deliver when it comes to adding to the bottom line. 

While about 66 percent of the respondents use Facebook to promote their business, only 29 percent believe that it is effective in driving traffic to their Web site. Slightly less (27.2 percent) say the same for Twitter. 

Interestingly, over half (52 percent) of the respondents were over 50. This belies the myth that the Internet and social media is strictly for the younger set. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the younger demographic group reported better results with social media than the overall group. 

Ultimately, the uses for social media are as diverse as the businesses that use them. While social media can create and nurture relationships with customers, this marketing channel is not seen as critical, even by the group of businesses most likely to embrace it.