"Never Walk Away
from a Reporter"

New York's former Mayor Ed Koch offered these words of wisdom to new New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black as she sought support for her appointment. PR Newser reported an observation on the matter from Trylon SMR President Lloyd Trufelman (who worked for Koch years ago), who called the quote a "six-word expert tutorial in media relations."


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Not necessarily, said founder and chairman of Burson-Marsteller Harold Burson at PRWeek's NEXT Conference recently. He stated that he sees social media as further evolution of a media process that began with Gutenburg. As we have stated numerous times in our newsletters, social media is another tool that can be effectively used by PR practitioners, but not solely as an end in itself. 

A recent Pew Research Center survey asked Americans who their most admired journalist was. Over half of the respondents (52 percent) offered no name at all, and no single person was named by more than five percent of the people. The decline in mentions of most admired journalists is attributed to the fragmented news industry and the fact that there are more choices now than ever. A noticeable shift has occurred, reflecting the way people consume their news.  

First came e-mail, freeing us of conventional grammar and spelling. Next it was Twitter, reducing our message size to 140 characters. According to a recent article in the LA Times, social media is maximizing our ability to reach out, but lowering the effectiveness of those communications. Calling it "Zuckerberg's Revolution," the article believes that new trends in communicating may redefine how we communicate and interact with each other. 

According to a recent survey, executives who conduct primarily online business don't believe that Facebook and Twitter contribute that much value to the enterprise. While it may be popular with the public and celebrities, many businesspeople believe that these social networks don't deliver when it comes to adding to the bottom line.